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GREENER by Design®

Landscape Maintenance:


Caring for your property: Our technicians are trained to national standards

Caring for the environment: Our practices are honed and refined to leave the smallest footprint possible on the environment and your home

Efficient systems to save you money: We custom design your irrigation system so that is the most water efficient available. Rather  than randomly distribute water, each plants needs are considered. Our lighting systems are all low voltage or LED systems, the most energy efficient available with significant savings over standard 120 volt lighting.

No toxic chemicals: A well planned and cared for garden should have minimal disease and insect infestations. When the right plant is selected for the right spot, and its needs are met, plants are minimally stressed and far less vulnerable.

Three year “complete care” © warranty: We warrantee all new plants for three years. No other company supplies this warranty. We will even take over other companies plant warrantees if conditions and materials.



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